Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Favorite Zombie Movies and the Things I Like About Them

10. Return of the Living Dead - "Brains!" followed by head biting.

9. Undead - A fisherman catches a zombie fish which proceeds to fly into the air and bite him.

8. Resident Evil - The part where the group leaves an infected member alone with one bullet, presumably for himself. The camera pans away, we hear zombies approach, and then a single gunshot. Cut back to the infected man and he's just shot a zombie in the head and is fighting them off, despite his inevitable death.

7. Planet Terror - Helicopter blades chopping up a pack of zombies. Also, the line "Don't cry over spilled milk," as said to Rose McGowan's character after she's just lost a leg and is coming to terms with it.

6. Zombi 2 - The zombie buffet. Zombie vs. Shark.

5. Dawn of the Dead (2003) - Zombie baby.

4. Doomsday - The security system blowing up a bunny rabbit. The evil villain getting splashed with zombie blood, licking it off of his face without realizing it, and getting zombified. Knights. Cannibals. The chase scene lifted directly from Road Warrior.

3. 28 Weeks Later - Helicopter blades chopping up a pack of zombies. (It made up for the zombie kiss and gratuitous eye-gouging.)

2. Dead Alive - Zombie baby. "I kick arse for the Lord!" A lawnmower used as a weapon. Stop-motion animation.

1. Shaun of the Dead - Everything.

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