Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things in Library Books

I was at the library today looking for something to read and while I was browsing some cheap fantasy novel, I found a bookmark (not really out of the ordinary).

It was clearly made by a kid - it's just a piece of laminated construction paper that's been written on with pencil. On the front was the name "Gabe" up at the top, and a list of what are presumably character traits belonging to Gabe. See the picture below.

I'm not sure why that smiley face has so many teeth. I flipped it over to the back, expecting to see more stickers or decorations, but what I found instead was this:

That reads: "as long as you keep going you will survive the world we live in."

What? A little more morbid than what I was expecting. Good luck Gabe, whoever you are.

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